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Piña Loca is a spirit for connoisseurs or for shots at the bar. The  creation of Piña Loca centered on perfecting a new tequila drinkable for everyone yet respectable by the finer standards of measures. From a rocking chair sipper to the redefinition of the twist in a French 75; Piña Loca is not quite like any other tequila out there. What we most enjoy is the first reaction to Piña Loca. It’s never what anyone would expect, but more often than not, it is met with pleasant surprise, a touch of pineapple and the phrase “That’s dangerous”. We consider it the ultimate compliment to any party. Created and owned by Dallas bartenders. Piña Loca is not a flavored tequila per say; it is tequila that brings the flavor.

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Don't get too Loca.
Please drink responsibly.